Mahomet-Seymour High School STEM Club

Week 5 Project

The Mahomet-Seymour High School STEM Club provides opportunities for students to participate and lead STEM projects each meeting.

STEM Club Week 5 Project

Hannah Kittivanichkulkrai’s presentation on her summer research project

Project lead - Hannah Kittivanichkulkrai

Learning about the neutrinoless double beta decay research Hannah Kittivanichkulkrai did at a STEM camp the summer of 2019.

Hannah Kittivanichkulkrai went to the University of Illinois STEM camps the summer of 2019.
She presented on her topic at the camp.

Her topic was about branching outside the standard model of particle physics.

The current model of particle physics (the standard model) is incomplete. An unproven phenomenon, the neutrinoless double beta decay, could be the next step to correcting our understanding of particle physics, or could even lead us to new physics.

Using neutrinoless double beta decay they studied Xenon’s decay. Xenon’s decay into barium has double beta decay. This makes xenon a very viable candidate for detecting neurtinoless double beta decay.

Hannah went into great detail to explain her summer science research done in her six week STEM camp to our STEM club.