Mahomet-Seymour High School STEM Club

Week 3 Project

The Mahomet-Seymour High School STEM Club provides opportunities for students to participate and lead STEM projects each meeting.

STEM Club Week 3 Project

Exploring Experimental Design Activity

Project lead - Mr. Walmer

The Exploring Experimental Design activity provides a hands on opportunity to learn about the different aspects of how a good experiment is designed.

STEM club members were divided into groups of two. STEM club groups were given a bag with different supplies. Each bag contained a battery holder with red and black probes, battery, 1 LED, 1 resister, and 2 alligator clicks.
Some bags had two batteries and some just had one.

STEM club members then attempted to wire a configuration that would hopefully lead to a LED lighting up.

The different groups got different results based off the supplies they were given in their bags.
The smaller groups merged into mid-sized groups in order to discuss how each of their experiments worked and to discuss the differences in both the set ups and results of their experiments. In doing so they could discover the different design elements that led to specific results.

The mid-sized groups met into one large group to finally discuss the benefits of a good experimental design.